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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are set of questions you always wanted to ask and the answers to them, including those you always wanted to know about the features, ordering, payment options, and more on A1WebStores. This FAQ section will offer you a deep insight into our A1WebStores Online Marketplace - your favored and most admired online shopping site!

You are our strength. Your comments, views, criticisms and feedback on your experiences on A1WebStores adds to our strength and inspires us and gives us the motivation to improve upon our service excellence and add more and more to our offerings on A1WebStores all the time. Keep interacting with us at

My Account
Ordering on A1WebStores
Payment Options
Security & Privacy
Delivery / Shipping
Goods Returns
Order Cancellations and Refunds
Other General Features

My Account

This is your exclusive page on A1WebStores. You can manage your account and orders on A1WebStores with ease using this feature.

What is "My Account"?
This is your space on A1WebStores. This is part of your buyer login account on A1WebStores. You can manage your account with ease using simple navigation features. This allows you to have complete control over your transactions, your profile, your preferences, order history, post item reviews, send feedback about your experience, et all at A1WebStores.

How to create "My Account" on A1WebStores?
As you add items to your 'Shopping Cart', 'Confirm' your order and proceed to 'Checkout' to pay for your order, the system would take you to a simple Customer Registration page. Fill in your billing and shipping addresses and other preferences. As you fill in this Registration form you would be prompted to create your own 'User Name' and assign your own 'Password'. Once these confirmed and submitted your Account stands created on A1WebStores. These 'User Name' and 'Password' now becomes your key to entering your Account on A1WebStores.

How to enter "My Account"?
Log on to A1WebStores. Click on "Log In" link on top right of the homepage. You would be prompted for your 'User Name' and 'Password'. Enter your 'user name' and 'password' - there you are! You are in your account page on A1WebStores.

What all can I do in "My Account"?

  • Track status of your orders
  • Take printout of your purchases / Bills
  • Track your orders history
  • Manage / edit / amend you personal data and profile such as your contact address, phone no., add shipping addresses, et all.
  • Amend shipping address
  • Change Password
  • Download ordered eBooks. The e-Books download links are placed in your Account only and are not sent in your eMail for extra security and safety.
  • Look at items reviewed by you and those yet to be reviewed.
  • Post your review and opinions about the items you purchased.
  • Send feedbacks of your experiences and seller reviews and ratings.
  • Post your feedback on your site experience
... and much more ... Explore to experience these yourself.


Ordering on A1WebStores

This section deals with many aspects of shopping on A1WebStores and also answers many questions you may have in your mind while shopping on our web store.

How to Order - Add Books To Shopping Cart?
Eg. Books

  • Log on to A1WebStores. Search for the item you need by their ISBN, title, author or subject category.
  • The item, if available on our web store, would appear or a list of items matching the searched query will appear. Click the title you need. You will see all the details about the item including item description and prices.
  • At the bottom you will find the caption "A1WebStores Marketplace Seller". Here you will see many sellers for the same item with their net selling prices, discounts if any, shipping cost, shipping time, condition of the item (Brand New, Like New or Used), nick / code name of seller, comments on the item by the seller and his shipping location and seller rating in stars. At the right far end you will find the button "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart".
  • Choose the seller you wish to order from and click "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" button.
  • You would be taken to the next page where you would be asked to check the quantity and also add more items to the cart. If you need more items, repeat the above process and keep adding items to the cart.
  • Once you are done with adding all the items you want to buy, review all the items in the cart. You will have the choice to remove items you don't need and also to update quantity.
  • Once you are done click "Confirm Order" for a final review. Now click "Checkout". If you are sure about the items you have added, you can straight away click "Checkout" instead of "Confirm Order" and then "Checkout".
  • Click on "Checkout" will take you to the "Buyer Registration" page where a simple Buyer Registration form will appear. You will be requested to provide the billing and shipping addresses, your mail and phone contact nos., et all.
  • Upon submission of above details, you will be taken to the "Payment Options" page. Choose the payment option you are comfortable with and follow the instructions, those of A1WebStores and the payment gateway provider, on the screen and complete the order.

What happens after ordering?
Once the order process including payment transaction is complete, you would be assigned a system generated alpha-numeric Order No. You will receive a mail confirmation on your order at the eMail ID you have given at the time of registration at A1WebStores. Simultaneously, seller also receives mail instructions to ship the ordered items within the shipping time the seller has indicated on A1WebStores. Seller ships the goods by courier. In a few days you will receive the ordered items.

Why do I see many sellers for one book under A1WebStores Marketplace?
A1WebStores is an Online Marketplace where many sellers partner with A1WebStores and showcase items they have in their ready inventory. One item may be with many sellers. Every seller have their own seller prices, discounts to offer, ship cost and ship time. It is for the benefit of buyers that A1WebStores brings under its umbrella many sellers from different locations, from India and abroad, selling millions of items. This gives the buyers wider choice, clear inventory depth, cuts short delivery time and great prices. This is the reason why you see many sellers for the same item.

Which seller should I choose to order? I am confused!
Every item will have either one or more sellers. You need not be confused. There is a star rating for every seller related to his performance. When you take the "cursor" over the stars you will see the performance matrix of the seller Pop Up. Just choose the seller based on the best rating and of course, best prices = Net selling item prices + ship cost + Ship Time + Item Condition. You will not be confused at all.

What are the items you have on A1WebStores?
Currently our focus is Book related products. A1WebStores currently showcases Books and Magazines. Soon eBooks, Educational Multimedia and Educational Toys would be added. Moving forward A1WebStores would add other product types like Electronics, Home Appliances, Handheld Electronic Gadgets, Stationary, Gifts, et all.

A1WebStores also showcases Website development and web hosting solutions and services, with US technology.

Who is a seller on A1WebStores?
A seller on A1WebStores is one who lists his ready-to-ship items, manages his ready-to-ship inventory and sells his listed items directly to the ordering buyers

I get lots of mail reminders related to My "Saved Shopping Cart". What is this Saved Shopping Cart?
As you search, identify items and keep adding them to the Shopping Cart they keep getting saved. When you perform this "adding items" for purchase exercise, register as buyer, but leave the site without completing the payment process, these items remain saved in your shopping cart. You get mails just to remind you on these added items in your "Shopping Cart" and that you can still buy them by completing the payment process.

How can I order the items in my Saved Shopping Cart?

  • Log on to A1WebStores. Click the "Shopping Cart" link on top right of the home page.
  • You will be asked to "Log In" to your account. The saved items in your shopping cart will appear.
  • If you are visiting A1WebStores after a short while, the A1WebStores site remembers the items you added in your "shopping cart" and a click on the "Shopping Cart" on the homepage of A1WebStores will appear instantly without asking you to login.
  • Alternatively, log in to your account by clicking on the "My Account" or "Log In" tab on top right of homepage of A1WebStores. Once in your "Log In Account" on A1WebStores, you will see many features and links. "Shopping Cart" would be one of them. Click this link and you will see all the items in your "Shopping Cart" that you added during your last visit to our web store.

How can I buy / order the items in My "Shopping Cart"?

  • Log on to A1WebStores. and "Log In" to your account.
  • Click on the "Shopping Cart" link. The items ordered would appear.
  • Click "Confirm Order" button, review your order, check quantities and then click "Checkout" button.
  • You will be asked to confirm or choose from the existing ones or assign new shipping address for the items. Fill in / confirm shipping address and click "Submit".
  • You will be taken to the "Payment Options" page. Choose the payment option you want, follow the online instructions on the screen and complete the payment transaction and the ordering process.
  • You are done. You will be given the system generated alpha-numeric order no. that you will quote in all your future correspondences, while referring to the items of this order.

How can I change my Shipping Address?
If you want a new shipping address at the time of ordering, while confirming your order you would be asked to confirm existing shipping address as you have provided at the time of registration / last purchase or assign a new shipping address. But, if you wish to change the shipping address after completing the order, you will have to communicate this to If the seller has not shipped the item, the shipping address change is possible; otherwise not. You can also "Log In" to your account on A1WebStores and add shipping addresses in your account.

How do I complete the order if I want to pay by Demand Draft / At Par Local Cheques?
While on the payment options page after "Checkout" and "Shipping Address" confirmation, choose the Demand Draft / At Par Cheques option by checking this box. You will receive a system generated alpha-numeric Order no. Make the demand draft in favor of A1WebStores Pvt. Ltd. made payable at New Delhi and mail the payment, quoting the system generated Order no. to:

A1WebStores Pvt. Ltd.
4853-54, 1st Floor, Harbans Singh Lane
24 Darya Ganj
New Delhi - 110002,
Delhi, India.

Once the payment received and cashed, your order would be processed for shipment to the seller.

How can I cancel my Demand Draft Order?
Demand Draft / At Par Local Cheque orders are valid for 15 days from the date they are created. You will receive a reminder mail on the open Demand Draft order every day. If you have not chosen to pay this order, the system would automatically cancel this order after the stipulated 15 days. You could also choose to cancel this order by writing to

What is seller rating?
There are thousands of sellers on A1WebStores. One item may have many sellers, with the same or different net selling prices, discounts, item condition, shipping costs and shipping time. You may wish to know which seller is good to order. So A1WebStores have come out with a simple seller-matrix that details the no. of orders he received, shipped and cancelled / refunded, thus deciding the order servicing in % terms. This will give you a fair idea as to who is good to order from.

What does the item condition mean?
Sellers showcase Brand New, Like New and also Used items on A1WebStores. Sellers define the condition of the items they list on A1WebStores. It is this "item condition" that you see against items of the respective sellers under the "Condition" field.


Payment Options

A1WebStores has a host of online and offline payment options - Visa and Master Credit Cards, Debit Cards of key banks, Net Banking and Paymate (mobile banking option). We also accept orders against Demand Drafts and On Par local cheques made payable at Delhi on any prime bank and issued in favour of A1WebStores Pvt. Ltd..

Online payment gateway interface is yet another most secure part of the site. We encourage everyone to use the online payment option which is simple, easy and non-cumbersome. Use online payment options and order with confidence and free mind. They are quick, simple and also environment friendly as you are using no paper money!

What are the payment options on A1WebStores?
Online Payment Options: Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Net Banking with select prime banks. More banks are being added periodically. Online payment gateway interface is yet another most secure part of the site.

Offline Payment Option: You can also pay your order by Demand Drafts and Local Cheques / On Par Cheques payable at Delhi on any prime bank made in favor of A1WebStores Pvt. Ltd. and quoting your online generated Order No. mail to:

A1WebStores Pvt. Ltd.
4853-54, 1st Floor, Harbans Singh Lane
24 Darya Ganj
New Delhi - 110002,
Delhi, India.

Which are the credit and debit cards supports?
We accept all Master and Visa credit and debit cards.

What are the pre-requisites for using Credit and Debit cards?
The card issuing banks have prescribed few mandatory requisites for using your Cards for online transactions. The following should form as a guideline. Your Credit and or Debit Card should have the following mandatory values:

  • Valid Card No.
  • Expiry Date of the Card.
  • CVV No.
  • Your name on the Card
  • Online transaction Password that you would be asked to fill when the payment gateway takes you to your card issuing bank interface.
  • Some card issuing banks also ask you to fill the exact billing address as billed to you by the card issuing bank every month.

Can I use my ATM Card?
Not really. Most ATM cards of some banks do not have many of the values of a proper valid Visa or Master Credit and Debit card. But, if your ATM card has these values, you can definitely use your ATM card both for online and also offline purchases.

What should I do, if I do not have these information on or about my Card? Can I transact still online?
No. If you do not have any one or more of these values on / about your card, you should contact your card issuing bank. Please note that if your Card does not have these values, you may not be able to transact on the payment gateway on A1WebStores.

Do you accept International credit cards?
Yes, our online payment gateway accepts all Master and Visa supported credit cards. But, please note, the items shipping address should be within the Indian Union, as A1WebStores currently does not ship goods outside India.

Do you accept Google checkout and PayPal?
No. These are currently only for US$ payments, and we at A1WebStores, currently accept only INR-Rs payments. A1WebStores will add these payment options when they are available for INR-Rs payments.

Can I use my Debit Card for my purchases from you?
Yes, of course. Our credit card payment gateway currently supports many Visa and few Master debit cards of host of key banks. The online credit card payment gateway providers are continually working towards adding more to this list:

  • State Bank of India
  • ICICI Bank
  • ICICI Bank NetCards
  • HDFC Bank (Includes those issued by Centurion Bank, Lord Krishna Bank and Bank of Punjab)
  • HDFC Bank NetSafe cards
  • Axis Bank
  • Development Bank (DB)
  • Karur Vysya Bank (KVB)
  • Corporation Bank
  • Indian Overseas Bank
  • Kotak Mahendra Net Cards

Could I also use my NetCards?
Yes. Currently our credit card payment gateway accepts the following NetCards:

  • HDFC Bank NetSafe Cards
  • ICICI Bank NetCards
  • Kotak Mahendra NetCards

How do I use my Visa Debit Card on your payment gateway?
Online payment gateway interface is yet another most secure part of the site. Our Credit Card payment gateway now accepts Visa / Master debit cards of select banks. While on payment options page, choose "credit card" option and enter your debit card details in place of credit card no. and other details including your CVV no.

The payment gateway will immediately recognize the debit card and take you to the debit card mode and once again you may be required to fill in all the details, with fields relevant to your debit card. You will be asked to fill your password / pin no for extra security. This is an additional mandatory security layer introduced by the card issuing banks, as per RBI guidelines. Your transactions would be through.

As of now, from our past experience of our customers, our current payment gateway accepts almost all major Visa and Master debit cards.

If I still face problems in my online transactions, what do I do?
If you face any problem contact our Support Team at : and register the debit card issuing bank name and card type. This will enable us to take up this matter with payment gateway provider and solve the issues quickly. If you can take a screen shot of the page that caused you issues in the online transactions, it would add to resolving the concerns quickly.

Do you have net banking for my purchases?
Yes. You can also pay your orders using our net banking gateway. It supports over 20+ banks.

Which are the banks you support in the net banking?

  • Axis Bank
  • Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait
  • Bank of India
  • Citibank
  • Corporation Bank
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Development Credit Bank
  • Federal Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • IDBI
  • Indian Overseas Bank
  • Jammu and Kashmir Bank
  • Karnataka Bank
  • Karur Vysya Bank
  • Kotak Bank
  • South Indian Bank
  • State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
  • State Bank of Hyderabad
  • State Bank of India
  • State Bank of Mysore
  • Union Bank of India
  • United Bank of India
  • Vijaya Bank
  • YES Bank
Our Net Banking payment gateway provider is working to add more banks to this bouquet periodically.

Why am I being asked to provide the same card, banking, billing and shipping details more than once during ordering and also during the online transaction process?
While on Net Banking payment option mode, for your own additional security, and to ensure that the online transaction is being done only by the bonafide account holder, these information need to be provided more than once. Many Credit and Debit Card payment gateway providers also ask for the same information more than once to ensure safety and security of your card and bank accounts. These are also as per cyber security, net banking and card issuing agencies and also RBI guidelines for online transactions.

What other online payment options you have on A1WebStores?
PayMate is yet another online payment option we have on our Net Banking payment option. PayMate is the online payment gateway for those who wish to pay using their mobile phones. You will find the PayMate option in Net Banking payment option on A1WebStores.

What is this PayMate Online Payment Option?
PayMate is a hybrid SMS & IVR based wireless payment solution that lets the user link his mobile phone to any financial instrument of his choice like Bank Accounts, Credit Cards or Pre-paid Mobile Vouchers (GiftMate). At the time of PayMate registration or buying a GiftMate voucher, customers can choose a secure 4-digit PIN to authorize all future transactions. PayMate is an extended Mobile Payment facility to online buyers, turning your mobile into a secure online payment tool. To know more about PayMate, explore its features and how to avail PayMate option log on to

What other payment options you have, other than online payments?
We have some of the offline payments too. You can pay by Demand Draft, Local Cheques and On Par cheques made payable at Delhi on any prime bank issued in favor of A1WebStores Pvt. Ltd..

Do I have to order online for Demand Drafts / Local Cheques payment Orders too?
Yes, ordering on A1WebStores is exclusively online. We currently do not have any offline ordering methods. Order as you would for online payments. When on payment options page, check / choose payment by "Demand Draft / On Par Cheques" option and submit. The system will pre-generate an order no. Make your Demand Draft in favour of A1WebStores Pvt. Ltd. made payable at Delhi on any prime bank and quoting the order no. mail to:

A1WebStores Pvt. Ltd.
4853-54, 1st Floor, Harbans Singh Lane
24 Darya Ganj
New Delhi - 110002,
Delhi, India.

Upon realization of the order amount, your order would be activated and processed for fulfillment. You will receive an Order Confirmation Mail to the effect. You will have to clearly quote this pre-generated alpha-numeric order no. when sending your payment to us.

Do you accept orders to be delivered against VPP / CoD?
No. Currently our system is not optimized to accept orders against VPP (Value Payable Post) or CoD (Cash on Delivery).

Do you have any other payment options?
No. Currently we do not have any other payment option other than what has been described above. However, we are constantly working to add more payment features and methods to suit the convenience of our customers.

Can I suggest other payment options to be incorporated in your site?
Of course yes. We always value our customers. views and suggestions. If you have any secure, non-complex, transparent and quick process payment mode that you would like us to add, you may send in your suggestions to We will review and keep this as a valuable suggestion and attempt to incorporate at the most appropriate time.


Security & Privacy

You can be assured that A1WebStores offers all our customers only the highest standards of online payment and other securities currently available on the Net, around the globe. We keep improving upon the security and safety features on our site all the time, with "You" prime in mind. This is to ensure that your shopping experience is totally private, absolutely safe and 100% secure and at the same time simple and easy.

Advise: Keep your cards safe, secure and in your physical possession and ensure both the card and its related information are accessible only to you. Do not disclose to anyone the User Name, Password and other such private and security details. This is in your own interest.

How safe is it to use my credit card?
Absolutely safe. Shopping at A1WebStores is fun, highly secure and 100% safe. In addition the partnering Payment Gateway providers and the related banks also have their own additional security layers and features.

Is the personal information provided at the time of creating my buyer account also is safe?
Yes, of course. It is absolutely 100% safe and highly secure. We do not share this information with any outside agency, unless mandatory and legally bound. Please read our "Privacy Policy" carefully.

How secure is the online payment processing through A1WebStores?
Shopping at A1WebStores is absolutely 100% safe and secure. A1WebStores uses the most acknowledged, biggest and safest ICICI Bank provided, integrated, monitored and managed online payment gateway for processing credit cards and debit cards. ICICI, in association with Visa and Master credit card agencies, use the highly secure and extra protected 3-D Secure and other advanced secure and friendly technology and environment for credit and debit cards processing This makes the online payments on A1WebStores more secure and absolutely protected.

ICICI Bank uses the latest encryption technology to protect your credit and debit card information. In addition to A1WebStores, ICICI Bank also encrypt your credit card number and other related details, so that it cannot be read by anyone as the information travels over the Internet from server to server.

What is CVV no? Why am I being asked to enter this no.?
CVV (Credit Verification Value) no. is for your added protection and security of your card. A1WebStores and Card issuing agencies and banks want to make sure that someone having just the card information is not using your card and that, only the genuine card holder is performing the transaction. You are asked to enter this CVV no. along with other card details at the time of online payments. CVV is a 3 digit number which follows your credit card number and is given at the back of the card. This is to ensure and confirm to a large extent, that the person entering the card number has the physical possession of the plastic card.

Does A1WebStores store my credit card information?
A1WebStores does not store any open credit card/debit card or bank account information as provided. Every information related to your card are instantly encrypted by A1WebStores and ICICI Bank Payment Gateway as you punch in the information. Only these highly secure encrypted information travels from server to server and these cannot be read by anyone as it travels over the net from server to server.

Does A1WebStores store my credit card information? How about your Privacy Policy?
A1WebStores respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. For more details, please visit our Privacy Policy page.


Delivery / Shipping

A1WebStores is synonymous with highest service quality. Shipping is done by respective sellers on A1WebStores, who post their product offerings for customers to buy. A1WebStores follows on every order and ensures shipment of orders in a timely fashion. Net selling prices with discounts, if any, Shipping time, shipping costs and seller ratings are indicated against each title on the site. A1WebStores takes the shortest delivery time. Even books from USA are shipped in just about 12 to 22 days. All sellers on A1WebStores ship ordered items by trackable courier services to ensure quick and dependable item delivery to buyer stipulated delivery destinations.

What is the Shipping time for goods?
A1WebStores sellers take the shortest shipping time. All ordered items are door-delivered, faster. Items listed by Indian sellers are delivered within 3 to 7 days. US and UK Books are shipped in just about 12 to 22 days. Shipping time is clearly indicated against every book on our site and against each seller who might have listed the book.

Are Shipping and Delivery Time different?
Yes. Shipping time is the time by which the items would be shipped or say handed over to the courier services. Courier or Postal services (in case of Registered packets) take few days to cart the goods and distribute to their various distribution centers, from where they are eventually delivered to the customer destinations.

How are the goods shipped?
Books & Other Items: Sellers of A1WebStores always prefer goods to be shipped by standard courier services whose shipment could be tracked online. However, there are few customer destinations which are not serviced by courier services. In such cases, goods are shipped through Indian Postal Services through Registered mode.

Magazines: Magazine subscriptions are normally sent by normal mail through Indian Postal Services. Some Publisher-sellers have courier and Registered Post options for a charge and these would be clearly indicated against comments field of the seller against the items.

What are the shipping costs / charges?
Shipping costs vary and every seller on A1WebStores decides on the average per item shipping cost to be charged. Sellers are always advised to have only reasonable shipping costs, reflecting the actual amount they would normally incur while shipping the ordered items. Please note that the shipping costs and shipping time are decided solely by the partnering sellers for their listed items.

Shipping costs are per order or per item?
Shipping costs are per item. An order may comprise of books from different sellers from different locations. Shipping costs, therefore, are per item and not per order.

You offer Free Shipping too?
Yes. Some sellers on A1WebStores offer free shipping. But please note that it is the sellers who decide the average per item shipping cost on the items they list on A1WebStores.

Are the shipping costs based on weight of the items?
No. Shipping costs are based on average cost the seller would incur on the items he lists on A1WebStores. Shipping costs of a seller are the same for all the items he lists on A1WebStores.

Do you offer consolidated shipping on bulk orders?
Not yet. An order could comprise of items from different sellers. As they are shipped by respective sellers from their warehouses in different locations, consolidated shipping is not possible at this point of time. However, A1WebStores is working towards a consolidated shipping solution for order fulfillment for books by sellers from outside India.

What is the estimated delivery time?
Indian Sellers: Every seller has his own shipping time clearly indicated against each item on A1WebStores. For deliveries from Indian sellers for Indian items, the maximum delivery time is 3-7 work days. Work days would exclude Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. However, A1WebStores and its sellers are always proactive to fulfill orders within the stipulated delivery time indicated against each title.

US Sellers: Most of the US, UK and European titles are serviced by US sellers listed on A1WebStores. The maximum shipping time for books to be serviced from USA would be 12-22 work days.

Indian Sellers With US-UK-European Books: Many Indian sellers also list US, UK and European titles. They in general take about 22 to 45 work days to consolidate orders, source, import from the US and custom clear, before servicing them to the ordering Indian customers. US, UK and European titles stocked by these sellers are shipped in 3 to 7 work days.

How to look for list of my orders and their current status?
"My Account" is your exclusive space on A1WebStores. You will find all the information you need on this totally protected and secure space.

How could I know about the status of my order?
As you place your order online on A1WebStores, an alpha-numeric Order no. gets generated and is assigned to every completed transaction. This order no. and your eMail ID given at the time of shopping on A1WebStores would be your key to know the status of your orders. There are two ways you will know about your order:

eMail Communications:

  • You will receive an eMail, immediately upon successful completion of your online transaction, containing all the information of the items, seller name, destination from where the books are being shipped and your shipping address. This would be the first eMail confirmation related to your successfully completed order on A1WebStores.
  • Once the items are shipped, you will receive yet another mail detailing the shipment particulars including the mode of dispatch and the tracking / shipment booking reference no. and the carrier used by the seller.
Your Login Account:
"My Account" is your space on A1WebStores. You will find all the information you need on this totally protected and secure space. This is the best way to find the status of your order. This is easy and very simple. The user-friendly navigation will guide you through your account on A1WebStores with ease.
  • Log on to your account on A1WebStores using the "User Name" and "Password" you created while establish this buyer account. You will reach your "My Account" page, exclusive to you on A1WebStores online store.
  • Hit "Sales" and enter your order no. or payment transaction no. Or else you could call for all the orders placed on A1WebStores. Complete summary of orders you placed on A1WebStores would be displayed on the screen.
  • Click on "Order No." hyperlink and you will have the complete details of the order spread in front of you on the screen including order status - charged, in process, shipped, refund initiated, refunded, et all.

What do different terms mean in the order status?
To charge: Payment has been logged in, but is pending confirmation from the payment gateway. This happens mostly in cases where debit card / net banking facilities are used while placing orders online. It is also possible that you opted to pay by Demand Draft or on par local cheque payable in Delhi favoring A1WebStores. In such cases also this would show up till the payment is received and duly credited in our bank account.

Charged: Payment received and the order is being processed.

In Process: Order is in advanced stages of processing and or on order with the respective publishers/sellers from where the order is expected to be shipped anytime.

Shipped: Your orders has been shipped.

Refund Initiated: In cases where payment is effected by using Debit Card / Net Banking facilities or by paying through Demand Draft / On par local cheques, the refund to customers on account of any order cancellation is manual and not automated. These refunds are effected by eTransfer to customer provided designated banks. So when an order is cancelled by a seller, the refund gets initiated and this status would change to Refunded the moment the eTransfer is effected. In exceptional cases where a customer has specially requested a manual cheque to be made this status would change to "Refunded" when the cheque is manually made and handed over to the courier services.

Refunds of orders placed using credit cards and debit cards are totally automated and credit of refunded amounts are almost instant and would show up in their accounts within 72 hours and reflect in the preceding card statement of the issuing bank to the customer.

Refunded: Order has been cancelled by the seller due to unavailability of the ordered items and the amount refunded to the customer.

What about taxes and levies like Sales Tax, Central Sales Tax, Import Duty, octroi etc.?
Quite a few item types are exempt from all tax levies by the government of India. For instance, currently, printed educational books, magazines, Books in Digital format and educational multimedia are totally exempt from all tax levies such as Sales Tax / VAT, Central Sales Tax, Octroi, Import Duty, et all. These tax levies, where applicable, would be shown clearly along with net sale prices, discounts if any and shipping costs. The net prices you see, is what you pay and would include all applicable taxes. Printed Books are currently exempt from all taxes.

Do you ship goods to destinations outside India?
No. Currently A1WebStores does not ship goods outside India. Reason: Lack of marketing / sales right information about items being listed from respective publishers, manufacturers and sellers on A1WebStores. However, we are working closely with all of them on this to make products listed on A1WebStores be made available to all our customers, globally.

What is Wish List?
"Wish List" is a feature that helps you register for the book / items you are looking for and not listed currently on our online store, despite its amazing inventory depth. Such items, for Eg. Books, details are captured and A1WebStores makes efforts to add them in the storefront, after sourcing them. Once these unavailable items become available, such customers who were looking for them are informed by a mail notification.


Goods Returns

A1WebStores has earned an enviable reputation due to its meticulous approach and service excellence including exact shipments and unmatched customer support. Goods returns are governed by the policies of each partnering seller, which may vary from seller to seller. Despite the strenuous efforts of all our sellers to check thoroughly the goods before shipping, there sometimes are problems related to defective / damaged / wrong items shipped. A1WebStores sellers promptly attend to all such concerns. In case the issues are unresolved or the issue is prolonging, you should immediately communicate with us at :

What do I do in case I receive defective / damaged / wrong items?
You are to receive only the exact product as described on A1WebStores and ordered. If you have received a wrong, defective or damaged item from A1WebStores seller, please communicate this promptly at A1WebStores would immediately initiate actions to ensure you receive a replacement quickly from the seller. In case the seller is not able to replace the item in question with the right one as ordered, A1WebStores would immediately initiate the refund of the ordered item for the full order value.

How will the replacement of wrong / defective / damaged book be recalled?
A1WebStores and its partnering sellers do the best to avoid such concerns. Such errors are Nil to minimal at A1WebStores. However, such instances might occur. Upon receipt of your mail at A1WebStores would advise the seller to replace the goods quickly. Customers, meanwhile, would be advised to return the item in question to A1WebStores or to its seller's address directly. A1WebStores would recommend the seller to pick up the item in question at his cost, but this is not mandatory. We would request our customers to support us in our endeavors.


Order Cancellations and Refunds

Order cancellations and refunds are easy at A1WebStores, though rare. A1WebStores customers are satisfied customers with the service quality of A1WebStores and its sellers. Sometimes, the sellers run out of stock of the listed item by the time the online orders are received by them. Stocks in and out movements with sellers are high and hence, items with sellers are subject to their availability. Despite several odds, A1WebStores and its sellers try our best to fulfill every order received in a timely fashion. In case of inability to ship, some items of orders have to be cancelled for full order value refund to buyers. Hence, refunds and order cancellations are unavoidable, sometimes.

When does an order get refunded?
We at A1WebStores and our sellers are always service-oriented and conscious of timely customer order fulfillment. In case of receipt of wrong / defective / damaged items and if the seller is unable to replace such items for any reason, within a reasonable time from the date of communication from customers, A1WebStores would place this item of the order for refund to customer.

How do I get my refund amount?
Credit and Debit Cards: Refunds against credit and debit card orders are fully automated. The amount of the ordered item is instantly charged back to the card account used and should show up in 72 hours. This credit back amount also should reflect in your next card statement account. You may also check with your card issuing bank on the credit of this item in your card account after 72 hours. Upon refund initiation, a mail would be sent to the customer advising the charge back to his card account.

Net Banking / Demand Draft / On Par Local Cheque Orders: Banks are yet to automate this process. For all non-credit / debit card orders A1WebStores processes the initiated refunds manually through eTransfer - Wire Transfer of order value to Customer's designated bank. Customers are required to provide their Bank Name, Bank Account No., Bank Branch Address and IFSC code. We, in general do not refund order values by cheques.

This process takes about 7 to 15 working days.

What is the time taken for refunding an order?
Credit card orders are refunded almost instantly due to automation. The refund amount gets credited into the card holder account within 72 hours. However, non-credit card orders are refunded manually through bank-to-bank eTransfer to customer designated bank accounts. Customers are required to provide their Bank Name, Bank Account No., Bank Branch Address and IFSC code. We, in general do not refund order values by cheques. This process takes about 7 to 15 working days.

Why do non-credit card orders take longer time for refunds?
This is due to lack of automation by the banks. Every process including eTransfer is manual.

How can I cancel my order?
A1WebStores requests its customers to carefully look at their orders before placing them and then complete the transaction to avoid any wrong ordering. Items once ordered are not eligible for cancellation, unless you have received a wrong / defective / damaged book or have sound valid reason for a cancellation. However, in select cases A1WebStores would entertain order cancellations if received before its shipment by its sellers. You could do so by sending us your mail requesting for order cancellation, quoting clearly your order no and the ISBN / product codes of the items you want to cancel to Our customer support officer would respond immediately to your mail, indicating the status of your order cancellation request. In case accepted for order cancellation, refunds would be initiated as per our process. Please look up our FAQ on refunds.


Other General Features

This section deals with some of the features and tabs you will find on the Homepage and also some answers you always wanted to know.

What is this Online Marketplace?
Online Marketplace is the master platform or space where sellers across the globe partner with A1WebStores, post and manage their item catalogs and inventory and also service orders directly to the ordering customers. A1WebStores does not keep any inventory at this point of time. It is the sellers who sell their items directly to the ordering customers on A1WebStores. Through this Online Marketplace, A1WebStores offers customers the experience of visiting thousands of stores under one roof, and all these seamlessly. You will have a great experience at A1WebStores.

I see a "Search" tab on the top nav bar. What is this for?
You can search for items using the Subject classification of the item on the left nav bar or use the general search box on the top nav bar, where you can search by title or author. The "Search" tab gives you the "Advance Search" option where you can search for items defining various values to narrow your search to the exact searched item.

What is this "Join Mailing List"?
By joining A1WebStores mailing list you will be posted with all new items and promo offers from A1WebStores. You can join and also opt out of this list later, if you feel you should not receive the promo mailers. You can also log in to your account and change your preferences so that you receive only those you are interested in.

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